Why Choose Us?

On the face of it, it can appear that all tuition centres do the same thing and we often hear people say, “We have tried group tuition and it didn’t work so I’m looking for a one to one tutor”. However, not all group tuition centres are the same.


Some tuition centres are ‘worksheet-based’ – they issue big packs of worksheets and the children sit there working through questions, with minimal support. Other tuition centres are ‘computer-based’, whereby the children sit in front of computer screens and work through questions, again with minimal support. At most tuition centres, students are provided with assistance as opposed to structured teaching and, often, the group sizes are large. In addition, in many cases, the tutors are A Level/University students and therefore the extent to which they can provide teaching and guidance is very much limited to their own experience of education. 


In contrast, we are vastly different from other tuition centres as can be seen below: 




Subject Specialists


With nearly forty years combined experience in teaching coupled with qualifications to degree and masters level, each of our tutors are  subject specialists with a genuine passion for their respective chosen subjects.  Their fundamental aim is to  impart this knowledge and enthusiasm to our students. 



Traditional Classroom Teaching


We provide traditional ‘classroom-based’ teaching by delivering lessons which involve: explaining the topic, writing the key points on the board for note taking, having group discussions, setting relevant exercises and working with each student on a one to one basis to ascertain if they have fully understood what has been taught. 



Personalised Teaching Programmes


By adopting an in-depth level of engagement and interaction with our students, we get to know each of our students and their individual learning styles.

As a result, we plan and tailor our lessons according to their individual needs and we
 give parents accurate and detailed feedback about their child's learning and progress, providing insights which often go unnoticed in a mainstream school setting. 

One to One Support


By choosing to limit our groups sizes (average 3, maximum 6), we ensure that we provide one to one support within the group setting.

Therefore our students receive the best of both worlds: namely the enjoyment and dynamism that comes from being in a group learning environment whilst benefiting from a significant amount of individual support and attention.

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