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“My daughter was predicted a grade ‘E’ for GCSE and hated algebra! However, after being taught by her Excellence Tuition tutor, she sat her exam and went straight to the algebra questions – this showed how much her confidence had grown. To our delight, she achieved a grade ‘C’! My daughter's school now recommends Excellence Tuition to other parents, and I’ve been informed that the students who were referred have since achieved excellent results.”

“Through the tutor’s hard work and professionalism, our son developed confidence in his weakest subject (Maths), and exceeded his GCSE target grade. I would not hesitate to recommend Excellence Tuition to any parent who wants to get extra support for their child."

"Over the past six years, my three children have benefited from attending lessons with Excellence Tuition. As well as helping them to prepare for the entrance exams, these lessons also enabled them to secure top banding/top set places in their secondary schools and provided them with a solid foundation. In addition, my son Thomas returned to Excellence Tuition for GCSE exam preparation.  The tuition has really helped to give him more structure to his studies and a focus which he was lacking.  Over the months I have seen his confidence grow thereby allowing him to engage much better – both in class and with homework.  Also as a parent it has been very helpful to have the advice from the team, especially Ramona, this has been much appreciated.


"Best decision and investment EVER!! I was recommended by a friend and I have no regrets. All my three children have benefited from the small class sizes, the personal coordination and communication.

I like the fact that each pupil is treated as an individual and they bring the best out of the child. I believe that the strong foundation they have given my children, since we started with them 5 years ago, has enabled them to be strong, happy and competent at school.”




"My son has been going to Excellence Tuition for over two years now and I am very happy. My son achieved high scores in his SATS and now he is in secondary school he is on the right track to achieve. I am fully committed that my son will continue with Excellence at least until his GCSE (5 years time) as I know it will be money well spent. I have also recommended them and everybody who sends their children are always happy. If you're looking for tuition, look no further."




"The objective for my 8 year old (Year 4) was to build his confidence and develop potential. Excellence Tuition delivered with my son being promoted to the top set at school in both Numeracy and English within a relatively short period of time. The small group has ensured any gaps in knowledge have been quickly identified and corrected. He is now confident, enjoys the lessons and learning."


“Tyra is now in the top set for Maths at school so the tutoring is really helping!”




"I currently have two children with Excellence Tuition, one studying for 11+ and the other simply ‘boosting her knowledge’ as a Year 8 student.  Both have flourished under this tuition. Highly recommend."



"Just as the name suggests a learning hub for academic excellence. Both my daughters have been attending from a young age, and throughout their years always received outstanding tutoring across all subjects, building their confidence within their own pace, and empowering them to gain an interest in their learning journey. The staffing team are always approachable for areas of advice or concern, and regularly provide detailed progress reports. With many many tutoring facilities on the market, it can be daunting, but if you choose Excellence Tuition, you will not regret it and neither will your child."




"My 7 year old son loves going to the classes at Excellence Tuition. It gave him confidence which he needed a lot.
I am happy to see his results have improved. Joining Excellence Tuition was a great decision - I highly recommend them!"







"All the tutors were really helpful and were happy to explain as many times as I needed. I got an 'A' in Maths and a 'B' in English! 


I was overwhelmed with these results and it was down to the hard work of not just me but Excellence Tuition. Without their help, I really don’t think I would have achieved these GCSE grades.”




"Excellence Tuition really helped me achieve a high grade in my Maths GCSE. In Year 10, I was on a ‘D’ grade in Maths and felt that I would fail my GCSE; in all the mocks and practice papers I had sat, I only managed to finish just over half of the paper in the time given! But part-way through Year 11, I joined the Excellence Tuition group classes and, after being with them for 5-6 months, I achieved an ‘A’ grade in my final Maths GCSE! In fact, I finished the exam with over 30 minutes to spare!

By getting an A grade, I was able to continue Maths at A-Level and I have stayed with Excellence Tuition  to support me with this. I would like to thank Ramona (my Excellence Tuition tutor) for all the help she gave me."




"I never liked Maths and I had always found it almost impossible to get my head around it. I used to get so nervous and end up in a flood of tears when confronted with maths, so when I had to re-take my maths GCSE as it was a course requirement for Psychology Bsc (something I had set my heart on studying) I felt destined for failure. During my course I found that I was struggling to keep up and was having to put much more effort in to just barely understand. I`m sure at the rate that I was going at I would have failed.

When I met Ramona, after being referred by a friend, I didn`t have much hope as my exams were only a couple of weeks away. Ramona proved that with an excellent teaching style and kind but firm encouragement it was more than possible for me to ace my exam. She made everything seem so easy unlike like other teachers I`ve had who made maths seem like rocket science. She was there anytime I needed her and guided me through effective revision. My experience was amazing and has changed my whole outlook on maths - I used to hate it but now I love it and am one of the top in my statistics class. She got me from a possible fail to a C grade (getting only 2 questions wrong in my exam) in just a couple of weeks, now that is what I call excellent tuition!"



During my time in secondary school, I lacked the guidance and support from my teachers that I required. I had no problem with learning Maths but I needed a bit more help from the teachers, which I wasn't getting. In Year 10, my Maths teacher told me that she would be surprised if I was to achieve a D. I started having private tuition (and attending small group classes) with Ramona who provided the extra help I needed. This helped me get up to speed with my class and then eventually get ahead. I was able to achieve a B in my GCSE Maths (a few marks off an A) and gained a massive confidence boost in my Maths skills.  I have since gone on to complete a BTEC in Applied Science and am now studying an MEng in Mechanical Engineering. Without the foundation placed by Excellence Tuition, I wouldn't be in the position I am in now."



"I would just like to say a big thank you to all the teachers that helped me in English and Maths for my GCSEs. I did extremely well, I can't believe it! In English Language, I was predicted a D grade but I got a grade C, in both English Language and English Literature. Also, in Maths I was predicted a grade C but I managed to get a B grade.

I am so grateful because the team pushed me to aim high and, even though I started Excellence Tuition a bit late, it really helped me. Now, I am able to carry on with my education and study accountancy." 




"Thanks to your team's help, I am proud to say I passed my GCSE English Language & English Literature with flying colours. I got two C grades in English which, as I did the Foundation exams, were the highest grades I could get!
Thank you so much :) "




"I am able to use topics that I've learnt at Excellence Tuition to help me when I am at school. I would recommend the Excellence Tuition group tuition lessons because it has really improved my grades."




"I have been with Excellence Tuition for two years and I really enjoy coming here. I am impressed with the way the tutors teach and I would recommend  the group classes to anyone!"




"Excellence Tuition has been beneficial to me as it has helped me to come out of my comfort zone. My writing style has improved and I feel more able to express myself clearly. My confidence has grown and the group tuition lessons are more enjoyable than my Monday to Friday school lessons!"

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