Below are excerpts of what parents and students say about us:




"Best decision and investment EVER!! I was recommended by a friend and I have no regrets. All my three children have benefited from the small class sizes, the personal coordination and communication."


"We couldn't have asked for better tutors, it surpassed our expectations. We would strongly recommend Excellence Tuition for their professionalism, dedication and great support."


"I felt that the curriculum focus and study methods that Excellence Tuition provided for my child were pitched perfectly for his needs and stretched him in both Maths and English."

"I have no hesitation in recommending Excellence Tuition to any parent who wants to prepare their child for success at 11+ exams."




"My time at Excellence Tuition proved invaluable. I passed all three 11+ tests and was awarded a place at one of the most highly acclaimed grammar schools. I even achieved 100% in my Year 6 Maths SATs."


"I received phenomenal tuition from the best teacher in the world. Excellence Tuition created a future for me at one of the best schools in the country and I would recommend them to anyone."


"Excellence Tuition has been so beneficial - it helped me to come out of my comfort zone and my confidence has grown. I enjoy the group tuition classes more than my Monday to Friday school lessons!"


"All the tutors were so helpful and were happy to explain as many times as I needed. I got an 'A' in GCSE Maths and a 'B' in GCSE English."


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