Our Approach


Our small group tuition classes (average 3, maximum 6) are welcoming and encouraging; the atmosphere is one of enthusiasm, positivity and determination. We pride ourselves on providing in-depth, comprehensive group tuition programmes in Maths, English and 11+ preparation often covering material which schools are not able to, due to time constraints.


We nurture our students to possess confidence and the necessary skills to match. We do this by teaching according to ability not age, for example, where appropriate, we teach eight year olds algebra! It is amazing to see a child smile and 'light up' with pride when they successfully grasp what you have taught them and, that sense of pride is futher enhanced when they discover that the topic is way ahead of what they would learn at school. This approach teaches children, that there are no limits when it comes to learning; with an open mind, one can achieve above and beyond what the national curriculum stipulates.


If a child has fallen behind with their studies, we initially take a different approach by identifying and filling any gaps in their knowledge. Once they have been brought up to the appropriate level, we then aim to challenge them with new material.


Our unique and successful teaching methods are the reason why many students stay with Excellence Tuition for a number of years. We form long-term relationships with parents whereby they regularly keep in touch and update us on their child's progress. They acknowledge the solid foundation we provided and this is one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do - knowing that we have made a tangible impact and providing our students with a springboard for future success.

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