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Are you looking for extra tuition for your child outside of their day to day schooling?


Perhaps your child has fallen behind and is in need of some additional support in Maths or English?


Or maybe your child is at the top of their class and, is not being stretched/challenged in the classroom setting?


Maybe you are helping your child prepare for exams such as the 11+, SATs or GCSEs and are finding the process somewhat overwhelming?



At Excellence Tuition, we are passionate about education! With over thirty years combined experience in teaching, we know how to bring out the best in our students. Having served South London for more than eleven years, we are an established and longstanding private tuition provider in the Streatham area. We provide focused teaching and support in Maths, English and 11+ in a small group environment - whilst being a group setting, we always ensure that every student receives one to one support and attention, something which is not available in a mainstream school, due to large class sizes.


Excellence Tuition was founded by our Principal (Principal's Resumé), whose exceptional and exemplary track record, both academically and as a teaching professional within the private education sector, is unquestionable. This knowledge and expertise has been woven into the core fabric of our organisation, and it is this knowledge base and wealth of experience, that sets us apart from other tuition providers.


Our unique tuition programmes have been devised to incorporate the most effective pedagogies of private school education alongside tried and tested methods from around the world. With two dedicated, well qualified and experienced tutors, we are a small organisation and, by actively choosing to stay small, it means we can guarantee the quality of our teaching and therefore deliver tuition programmes of the highest standard. We are known for both the quality and personalised nature of the tuition we provide and, as a result, many people come to us via word-of-mouth recommendation.


We provide Maths and English tuition for primary and secondary school children (Years 1-11, ages 5-16); in particular, we specialise in preparation for national exams such as the GCSEs, covering not just the core syllabus but also much needed study skills and exam techniques.


Our other specialism is preparing children for the 11+ entrance examinations (both grammar & private schools) for which we cover Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning. Our 11+ programmes begin from Year 1 and continue through to Year 6, when the children sit their actual 11+ exams.


Regardless of whether a child is behind, performing at the expected level, or ahead of their current learning objectives, we believe that every child needs to be challenged so that they can recognise their own progress and gain a sense of pride in their achievements. We put this into practice on a daily basis by equipping our students with the knowledge and tools to confidently approach new challenges yielding some outstanding results hence our motto, “Why settle, when you can excel?”.


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